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New Person
Out of mind
pacificviolet wrote in garth_nix
Hello, I guess I'm new here.

I've been a fan of Garth Nix books, and have a love or roleplaying. My favorite series is Keys to the Kingdom which I'm at Grim Tuesday. Hey I've just started and LOVE the series. I've also enjoyed the Abhorsen Trilogy. Yeah, that's about it.


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the others... arent as good

wednisday SUCKED, like majorely.... if i remember it correctly, it just kinda dragged ON and ON.... lol. i love his old kingdom books tho... lol

Welcome to the comm!

I actually LOVED Wednesday and Thursday. I think they're my favorites out of the six thus far.

Geez, does EVERYONE have cool Keys to the Kingdom avatar's except for me???? I'm currently reading "Sir Thursday" Fred's awesome!

hey im a biig garth nix fan too! but have never tried role playing. is it any good? should i give it a go? ive got a friend whose really into it, but she didnt really explain what it actually involves!

any help?


ps. i cant wait for sunday to come out!!!

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