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whimsicalic wrote in garth_nix

The Charter has fallen: the Old Wall and Great stones are broken
and useless, and the Bloodlines had been ended. The Old
Kingdom has been thrust once again into chaos and decay,
and it seems as though Free Magic has claimed the
kingdom once and for all.

But there's about to be a second chance: new Bloodlines are
emerging, mimicking the old, though weaker. If they can
discover the truth- what really happened to usher in an age of
despair- a new kingdom could rise from the ashes of the old.
But will they ever survive North of the Wall?

Set in the world of Garth Nix's Abhorsen/Old Kingdom series;
all original characters. One of several games at
Dreaming Out Loud, a multi-game role-playing site.

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The genius has written another book, i bow down, man!!!! I will ofc be rushing out to get it when it is finally out, or is it out already. I am glad to say i am oe of the lucky few who got to read his books before he got popular and famous. (sabriel- -present from someone who could not tell the difference between a text book and a novel) ... go figure.
yay! reading this has deffo made my day!!!!
also i got my LAMDA solo acting GOLD medal!!! YAY! i am very happy...

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