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Upcoming Old Kingdom novel!
Feathers and sparkles
akkismos wrote in garth_nix
Garth Nix updated his webspace with the following:

"I’m writing CLARIEL: THE LOST ABHORSEN at the moment. It is set about 300 years before the events of SABRIEL, in an extremely settled era of the Old Kingdom, where there is almost no threat from the Dead or Free Magic, and the Abhorsens are considered something between an archaic remnant of worse times and municipal rat-catchers. Clariel will probably be a 2013 release.

So who's excited? I am!

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Super excited for this, yes. I shall add Sabriel etc. to my re-read list...

I've recently been doing a re-read, no real reason other than missing the world and its inhabitants, but re-reads always lead to research. I think my "eeeeeeeeeeeeee!" could've been heard in the next county!

Your research is much appreciated! It's been long enough since Abhorsen came out that I would have never thought to go looking to see if there was to be another book in the series. (Frankly, I'd thought it to have been a trilogy...)

Sadly, my copies are not in the same country as me at the moment, but they'll certainly get re-read when I get back.

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