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Images inspired by Garth Nix's Old Kingdom
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I created a Pinboard dedicated to The Old Kingdom a few weeks ago. It's up for public viewing here. These are images I've found via DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Google Images. (If you see your own work on there and it isn't credited, let me know! I can add source links for every image.) If you've been wanting to give the books a re-read or just want to see what kind of wonderful artwork is out there, well, I've trawled the internet top to bottom!

All in all, though, I've noticed a severe lack of Nicholas Sayre. :( It's a shame. I don't think he's a minor role but actually rather pivotal in places! There's lots of unanswered questions about him going forth from The Creature in the Case!

8tracks mixes
Feathers and sparkles
After catching a rather obnoxious cold I decided to give Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom trilogy a re-read. Mixes happened shortly thereafter! :)

This one's a mix for the bells of the Abhorsen. I've annotated the tracks with descriptions of the bells from Sabriel.

Seven Devils from thisonething on 8tracks Radio.

To keep the Dead down from thisonething on 8tracks Radio.

This one's a bit more generally Abhorsen-themed. It's longer than the first, and my favorite of the two. :) I hope you enjoy if you decide to give them a listen!

Upcoming Old Kingdom novel!
Feathers and sparkles
Garth Nix updated his webspace with the following:

"I’m writing CLARIEL: THE LOST ABHORSEN at the moment. It is set about 300 years before the events of SABRIEL, in an extremely settled era of the Old Kingdom, where there is almost no threat from the Dead or Free Magic, and the Abhorsens are considered something between an archaic remnant of worse times and municipal rat-catchers. Clariel will probably be a 2013 release.

So who's excited? I am!

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DWJ//House of Many Ways
Bloody Jack: 7
The Dalemark Quartet: 30

The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen: 28
The Queen's Thief/Attolia: 16

( and I shall sleep a pleasant sleep while storms above their visions keep )

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hey y'all, thats if this place still has people posting on here.
found this place out of curiosity and decided to join. how many of ya are a member over at the forum site  im curious as to whether i may know any of ya already. ther i am Prince Amrod, lookign forward to hearing from ya

cyas later

Assassin's Creed, Old Kingdom Series, Shakespeare x 23
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- Assassin's Creed x 10
- The Old Kingdom Series x 10
- Shakespeare x 3
TOTAL = 23

8 14 21

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Meep! Something or someone ate my rich text editor! Thank the gods Xanga's is still working...I just wrote what I wanted on there and plopped the HTML over here.

Anywho, my real name is Dayanara and I've been in love with the Old Kingdom series since I was in 7th grade...which I think makes it about 1998. I recently left Facebook because I was mad about the forced layout/formatting change, which rots, because I miss being on Garth's friend list. At least I have Firefox's live bookmarks to keep me up to date on his Amazon blog! He doesn't always post the same things there as he does on Facebook, but it'll have to do.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to the members of this group who have charter mark tattoos...I'm sure there are probably one or two! (There were at least three in the group I was in on Facebook!) I feel like I'm somewhat a part of that little subset because I'm the only person I know who has legally changed her name in favor of Old Kingdom characters. No joke. I took Dayanara from the former Miss Universe 'cause I thought it was pretty and made Sanar and Ryelle my middle and last names because I lurv the Clayr...and the names are pretty, too. I enjoy going back and reading the parts of Lirael where she was still in the Glacier just because it involves the Clayr and I think it would be fab to hear the story of a successful Clayr someday...even if it's only a story I write for myself and pass down to my children.

Oh and did I mention that I'm dressing up as a Clayr for a costume ball next month? I emailed Garth for some costume tips back in 2004, as that was going to be my last time trick-or-treating (at least until I have children ^_^), but I ended up having to march, so it got put on the back burner until just a few months ago. I'll have pix to share later on...promise!

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Hello, I guess I'm new here.

I've been a fan of Garth Nix books, and have a love or roleplaying. My favorite series is Keys to the Kingdom which I'm at Grim Tuesday. Hey I've just started and LOVE the series. I've also enjoyed the Abhorsen Trilogy. Yeah, that's about it.


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The Charter has fallen: the Old Wall and Great stones are broken
and useless, and the Bloodlines had been ended. The Old
Kingdom has been thrust once again into chaos and decay,
and it seems as though Free Magic has claimed the
kingdom once and for all.

But there's about to be a second chance: new Bloodlines are
emerging, mimicking the old, though weaker. If they can
discover the truth- what really happened to usher in an age of
despair- a new kingdom could rise from the ashes of the old.
But will they ever survive North of the Wall?

Set in the world of Garth Nix's Abhorsen/Old Kingdom series;
all original characters. One of several games at
Dreaming Out Loud, a multi-game role-playing site.

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I'm Sonja(or Sonny) and I've been a fan of the Old Kingdom trilogy for about 6 years now, after I saw my friend reading it and got interested. It's my now favorite series. I started reading Lirael again last week and figured I'd see what other Nix fans are like.

soooo, hello!


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